The eastern region of Burkina Faso


The eastern region stretches over almost 40 000 km and covers about one-sixth of the national territory. The eastern region is the largest in Burkina Faso and includes 5 provinces: Gourma, Gnagna, Tapoa, Kompienga and Komandjoari.

The Gourmantché Country

People: The Gourmantché

The Gourmantché people live mainly in Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin and Togo. This demographic distribution reminds us of the former frontiers of the Gourmantché territories. Today, most of the eastern region of Burkina Faso is the former Gourmantché country. The regional capital, Fada N'Gourma, is the city of the Gourmantché kingdoms. As the economic heart of the region, the city is also the home to some of the highlights of its ancient cultural traditions.

The settlement of the colonizers

The beginning of an ongoing suspicion about access to nature

The French and the Germans were competing to take over the territory in the early twentieth century. Once present in the Gourmantché country, they have raised the protectorate agreements with kings having various statuses in the region. Indeed, there was a large network of small vassal kingdoms under a powerful sovereign kingdom located in Fada N'Gourma. In the end, France managed to sign an agreement with the king of the Gulmu, stating its colonial occupation. In fact, the king had a higher authority over the king of Matiacoali with whom the Germans had concluded their agreements.